11 April 2012

But it's not FAIR!!

As we are well and truly into the beginning of the new year all the posting nightmare stories have faded away. So what comes next in the order of things....RENT INCREASE! Good God this conversation is getting sooooooo old! this increase, effective 29th March 2012, is NOT another increase on what people were up in arms about a few months ago...it is the same one..fancy that, yes the info was out there months before it actually was taking effect. anyhow, all I can see is wha! wha! wha! why don't we get MORE!?!?! MORE entitlements I say, I WANT MORE!!

I am a little curious to know where this new breed of ungrateful Army wife is coming from?!but meh thats a post for another day...

I decided to do a little research...I went on to Realestate.com and searched 4 bedroom houses, due to them being the most common of DHA houses. I searched suburbs that seem to come up alot in discussions of posting locations. I am fully aware that there are far more than this but really any more research and it would not have been fun and felt more like work :S anyways! I averaged the first 10 rentals that came up for the area. (except Darwin which was an average of 5) and this is the rent that each area averaged out to be.

Brisbane QLD - $535
Durak/Gunn NT- $631
Lyons NT - $926
Townsville QLD- $493
Wagga Wagga NSW - $389
Wattle Grove NSW - $492

These prices are PER WEEK! so all you that are up in arms over the increase and especially those that this time, got a $40 increase bringing their FORTNIGHTLY rent to $451.94 need a slap in the face with a reality check!

Why do you complain so much :S why is nothing ever good enough or simply just enough for you?? Sure Defence members can, on occasion, get screwed with the wrong end of a pineapple BUT that still does not mean that you have an entitlement to be treated like royalty. Lots of people get screwed with the wrong ends of pineapples in all sorts of different jobs and in life in general. You don't see them jumping up and down demanding compensation for it.

The simple fact is the Defence Member didn't sign on the dotted line for the cheap rent.
They didn't sign on the dotted line because they figured that the defence would 'owe them' something for doing the job they do.
THEY signed on that line because THEY wanted to.
They signed on the line because THEY wanted to do a JOB. And fortunately for them and their family there are some benefits that go with that. One of which is subsidised rent. Yet this is just never enough for some. Then they get on they "we should have been notified" wagon, whinging and carrying on that they never get told blah blah blah. Well my dears, how about you sook at your partner for that?! They are the ones that get told as they are the defence member, if they don't tell you it is no one else's fault but THEIRS. However really the information is there for you to read yourselves. The Army newspaper can sometimes be a wealth of knowledge that you can get this information from. Before any one tries on the excuse that 'not all members get the newspaper' 'not all members have the time to read the newspaper' ' not all members are in the country to get the newspaper.' YOU can view in online! YOU can subscribe to it and have it emailed to you fortnightly so you don't have to rely on your partners for all the info.

As for the 'we might aswell go RA' statement. LOL really you think you would be better off in RA?! I'm not even justifying that with an explanation other than to say. WOW! You clearly are a few cans short of a 6 pack.

This increase is not new, it has been phased in for years since the changes to the GRS. Years ago there were CPLs and below houses, there were SGTs house and so on up the ranks. Each paid a different rate. So 2 houses next door to each other that were, for all intents and purposes exactly the same. 4 bedrooms, ensuite, double garage etc. but one housed a CPL and his family the other a SGT and family. The CPL paying less rent for the same thing. What the new (well not so new now, but when it was changed and brought in) GRS changed the way that house were catergorised so that there weren't so many different classifications. Bringing Rank groups together. So now LTs, SGTs, CPLs and PTEs (or whatever other rank is equal to Private for what ever Corp.) are all in the same housing classification and as of now (due to the last increase that was effective as of the 29th March 2012) all pay the same amount of rent. This is the reason that CPLs and below got a $40 p/f increase and SGTs was only around $11 because the CPLs and below were not paying as much. The increase was not only to bring the rank contributions onto line but also to even out the amount subsidised by Defence.
We pay the low rent we do because Defence subsidises the difference which is supposed to be 50% but for a long time it was alot more than that and that is what they have been trying to achieve through the GRS over the past i think 5 years (someone correct me if I am wrong, I think the GRS changes were first brought in in 2007), reduce the enormous subsidy defence was already paying for us and to bring the amounts paid to be even.

Before anyone jumps up and down about the 50% thing saying there is now way their house in whatever is worth X amount in civvie rent. That is NOT what it means. It is not location specific it is an Australian wide average. So while your rent may seem closer to regular rent in some back end crappy place it will more than make up for it when you end up somewhere in the likes of Darwin where the rent, as you can see above from my little research project can be extremely expensive.

Then there is the argument of how much people get paid. CPLs and below wives complaining that they don't get paid as much as SGTs so why should they have to pay the same rent? Well, that would simply be because you are living in the same housing! plain and simple. If you were working a civilian job and went looking for a house to rent your Real Estate agent isn't going to set the rent for the house you want to rent based on how much you earn. So why should Defence? The Defence does not OWE you anything. They don't owe you cheap rent because of what your husband does, or what your family goes thorough with him being away alot or whatever. Your husband was not conscripted and MADE to do this job and live this life. HE chose it. And whether you were with him when he first went off to Kapooka or met him later in his career and he was already serving, YOU chose it too! So lets stop with all the carry on. wha, wha, whaaaaaa! I'm not saying you can't have a sook, if you feel the need go right ahead....but do it in silence! Nobody else cares about how hard you think your life is. Because guess what??! there are hundreds of others going through exactly the same thing and in some cases worse! Stop blaming the Defence for lack of communication and go out there and educate YOURSELVES! all the information is available you just have to make an effort to find it. Better still I'll make the effort for you!

Warning - I am about to post a link to what some feel is an extremely dirty word...to those I say, Get over yourselves.....this link has every bit of info about everything relating to payments etc so here you go Click here -----> PACMAN or if you want a direct link to the classifications of rent contributions  click here! and go to the bottom where it has a link to "Annex 7.A1."

Another document that is a wealth of information is the Army Newspaper! Click there -----> Latest Edition. There will be a button that says REGISTER when you get there and you can register and they will email you the latest edition every fortnight! how about that?! pretty amazing hey! AND you will even get it before it is put out in Hard Copy at the units! Yep I know, pretty darn amazing this technology thing right??

Ok now that that is settled I am out of here...I'm still working on changing my habits. And Clearly I still have a ways to go on my first one that I decided on back in January seeing as it is again after midnight and I am still up. Writing blog posts. but hey midnight is better than 0300hrs right?!

Try not to get your knickers in a twist so much...you will be alot more comfortable ;)


AussieArmyWife said...

Wow - research! Your ranting is becoming very professional :-p. Good post as usual :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your work RAW

Bellablue said...

excellent post, I think we all need to remember something my Mum used to say, "there will always be people better off than you and there will always be people worse off than you." we all need to learn to not be so entitled

Anonymous said...

It's part of Pay & Conditions of Service. They earn less than the average for their industry in civilian sectors and are required to work longer hours and spend weeks away, do duty and deploy at a moments notice when required, so they offset rent as a part of their pay and conditions of service, it's not a perk, it's Part Of Their Salary.