11 February 2012

She blocked you??!! Shit, just kill yourself now.

Too harsh a title??! possibly...BUT this is exactly the point...people take this shit WAY to seriously!

There has been a bit of chatter around about people being blocked on Facebook. To the point that people are getting pissed off about it and questioning what they did to deserve it. Seriously? LOL WHY do you CARE so much is what I want to know...People are carrying on like blocking is some sort of evil act that only the devil himself would do.

It is not about people hiding behind computer screens, and using the block button as a way of not dealing with issues. The only thing it says about the blocker is that they are clearly not interested in the existence of the particular person they are blocking. Simple. The real world DOES work that way. It's just done in a different way. Obviously there is no 'block button' on a persons forehead for you to press and make them disappear.  It's actually alot easier than that, you just stay away from them. It's really not that difficult. It IS harder to stay away from certain people on FB. I've said it before and I'll say it again for those that missed it. The Defence world is a small one. Especially on FB. Alot of the same people are in the same groups. Why should someone NOT be apart of a group just because a certain person that they don't particularly like is in there? why should that person miss out on the plethora of knowledge or possible life long friendship of others just because there is someone in there that they don't want to share their business with nor wants to be able to know about theirs. The simple way to fix this is to block said person, erasing their existence from your online life, leaving you to live a simple, uncomplicated drama free life. Why do people see it as cowardly or nasty or a low act to decide that they don't want to know certain types of people?! No-one is EVER going to like EVERYONE...it's a simple fact of life. For the most part people are mature and understand this and make the conscious decision not to associate themselves with idiots. In real life you just don't go near them. On FB the only way to eradicate idiots from your online life is to block them. So then 1) you don't have to put up with seeing their ridiculous posts, whether that post be an overshare of their sex life, what toys they like to use, or a constant whinge about how hard their life is and how entitled they think they are because they are part of Defence life. OR the fact that they are basically just a total mole (or troll which ever suits) that spends her time either baiting people, and being outright 2 faced in one group only to then go and play the victim in another.

Whatever the reason no one needs to justify it to ANYONE! It is not spineless to not want to air your grievances in a public forum as some have so eloquently put it in the new infamous 'cage fight' FB group. You don't know peoples circumstances and you also don't know all the different people on FB some of them ARE extremely disturbed and there is NOTHING wrong with someone protecting themselves from becoming a victim of said disturbed person by blocking them from having any contact. I have no issues with the group before anyone jumps on the defensive and starts vomiting out vulgar obscenities at me. Each to their own. If thats how you feel you need to deal with whatever is bothering you go right ahead. If it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to belittle others and throw all sense of class and your femininity out the window. Go right ahead. For some it is a great place for them to let out their larger than life personalities that do sometimes get shot down in other more tame groups, for some, pure amusement to just watch. For others it is something that has been born from the vile pits of Hell. For me it is a realisation that there are WAY more crazies out there than I ever imagined! And there are quiet a few partners who need their mouths washed out with bleach! Sometimes it is a little contradictory though in that is says 'anything discussed freely' "This is NOT a sympathy/ support group, it's adults having an opinion relating to life, get over it if you don't like it. It is a place you can vent to the extent you wish..." Yet I have noticed that when someone does vent what they are feeling, or has an opinion, particular members totally loose their shit and go to town on the person that posted...Contradictory behaviour like this then tends to be proof to the nay-sayers that it really is just a giant bitch-fest-orgy. 
LOL might wanna sort that shit hey...ANYWAY! like I said each to their own but it's really uncool to be a hypocrite...just saying. Personally I think it's like a train wreck....you know you shouldn't look...but you just can't help yourself...I have gone to leave it on a number of occasions but curiosity gets the better of me and I stay with my bowl of popcorn just so see what will unfold next. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I think 'oh dear'. One thing that is right though...other groups have had a noticed decline in drama haha I can't speak for all but the ones that I am in it is noticeable....so for that, well I guess it is a little good. As for the crankiness over what Just Another Army Wife posted in the You must be this crazy to enter post...Why so serious?! (said in your head with the voice of The Joker, otherwise really it doesn't sound as cool) it really was funny! try relax a little...you'll feel better...I promise ;)

ok totally got sidetracked from one topic to another but totally awesome topics to discuss don't you think?! yep me too....The moral of the story is...1. Get the sand out of your giny and get over the fact that someone has blocked you. Stop constantly whinging about it. No one likes a sooky la la. Move on and forget the person because it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that they have forgotten about you ;)
and 2. Hypocrisy is not cool. Relax a little. Breathe. and remember IT'S JUST FACEBOOK. 

p.s Yes you CAN 'block' housework! it's called choosing not to do it...It all comes down to choices people....you all have the choice. It's a fabulous thing we have called free will. 

p.p.s The C bomb might not be a 'bad' word....but there is NOTHING classy or attractive about it being said by a woman. It is foul and disgusting. Period.

p.p.p.s No I do not want to 'call' any of you out. My Spine is perfectly intact thanks. I have no personal issue with any of you. Some of you I find rather interesting and sometimes think we might get along well if met in person. This was purely a display of my exercising my freedom of speech ;) However no matter that I have said this, I will wait with baited breath what colourful names you come up with to call me because you don't happen to like my opinions! Stay calm people. You'll live longer!

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