02 January 2012

Change your habits...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz....

So a new year begins....hmmm any new years resolutions...I thought about it and started with the usual lose a few kilos, get fit...haha the same one everyone makes every year. I thought about some realistic ones (not that the weight/fit thing isn't realistic. Just requires more will power) and thought you know what why do I need to? why do I need to NOW?! There are a few little things I want to achieve, sure. Though why do I need the excuse of a new year to do it. I have realised while thinking about writing this post that we shouldn't need an excuse such as a new year to change things in our lives. If you really want to change yourself then do it. If you really want to do something, then do it. I have watched a couple of different TV series over the past couple of weeks and some things that were said really clicked with me. The first saying being "I am what time and circumstance made me" to an extent I very much believe this, the extent being that I also believe we choose to be who we are also. I am a huge believer in everything happens for a reason and the things that happen are due to the choices we make. So being in a particular place and time making the choices that we do is what leads us then to the next time, place and choice. Yes, I can hear some of you saying but this happened to me out of my control or that happened to me and I didn't choose it. These things I just put down to lifes little mysteries, while we may never know the reason for everything that happens to us there is always one and it is always just another part of life that we need to just get through and learn from.
So this brings me to the next one. "Change your habits" If you don't like the way your life is going, the crappy things that seem to recycle in your life all the time. Change your habits. This is another realisation that I had. The same crap keeps happening because I keep doing the same things or keep letting certain things get to me. A minor example would be, "I keep sleeping in till almost midday losing most of the day because I keep staying up till 3am". So that sounds like a habit that is an easy one to change, just go to bed earlier. But those first couple of nights wont be easy, wont be able to sleep straight away on account of not being tired yet. The first few days wont be easy either. Getting up earlier and not having as much sleep the night before will make you tired during the day. So as easy as it sound to 'just go to bed earlier' your body still needs to be retrained to a new habit. The smallest things you want to change will not be as easy as you think. BUT does not mean you should just give up! and there lies another habit to change....everything is connected to the next something.

Wow that was a little bit of a self-help-esque, rant! The point is you don't need an excuse like a new year to do these things! just make the decision and do it! So this is my resolution, not new year resolution. It's just a resolution to start. I am sure things will happen during the year that need to change or new things I want to start. And then those will become my resolutions also, because I want things to change at that time. Not because it's a new year, not because old traditions says I should, but because it really is something i want to do or change at that moment!

So off you go!...Go make a change!


Betty Sue said...

you've been watching Dr Phil haven't you?!?!
My new fav quote is 'If you don't change you direction you'll end up where you're headed.'
oooh thought provoking i know!

RAW said...

LOL no I really haven't I don't watch day time TV...I don't get out of bed till lunch time these days... and the husband always has control of the TV by then! it really was a culmination of 2 different tv series that I have watched late at night while staying up till 3am!