11 June 2012


Ok, I did get on here tonight to write a post about a topic that has some in Defence all in a twist. However when I logged on and read the comments from my last post I remembered that I forgot all about our little lawyer troll. So I decided that I would just write a little post with my thoughts. Just a little one, simply because I wanted to address it but did not want to waste too much time on something so obviously ridiculous from a troll that commented pretty much exactly the same thing on at least 2 (two) other blogs on posts that were not related to each other at all.  HOWEVER! Doing a little bit of research I found some fabulous bits of information that just had to be shared! SO! Here we go!..

Now first a disclaimer, just incase anyone wants to get antsy ;) when I write the word 'you' from here on out I am referring to people in general. Not any one specific person. So don't get your legal panties in a bunch.

First point to make - Wikipedia is the research tool for trolls and clearly uneducated people that want to make themselves sound educated. If you want to try and intimidate someone with your ramblings try a more reputable source to begin with. Technically what our little Lawyer friend did was plagiarism due to the fact that what was written in the comments section of my last post was literally a copy and paste from Wikipedia with no reference to it, making it appear as those were the lawyers own words. tsk, tsk.

If you actually do some research outside of wikipedia (though wikipedia does also refer to the rebellion against government, but was so conveniently left out of the comments on the blogs) you will find the definition of sedition according to www.dictionary.reference.com is as follows - 

"Acts that incite rebellion or civil disorder against an established government."

1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
3. Archaic . rebellious disorder.

sedition  (sɪˈdɪʃən)  — n 1. speech or behaviour directed against the peace of a state 
2. an offence that tends to undermine the authority of a state 
3. an incitement to public disorder.
4. archaic  revolt

Sedition Law has always been around. It never went away. It just wasn't used due to it being so archaic. The Howard Govt. announced an 'intention to modernise the federal sedition provisions and adapt them to the counter-terrorism context' (reference - Austlii.edu.au )
Nothing in any of my blog posts, or any of the other blogs I have read have ANY relevance to sedition AT ALL. 

So unless you are reading some subliminal messages that are hidden backwards in the words in my posts that are causing you to want to start a rebellion against the Government you are less than grasping at straws with this scare tactic.

Here is a little bit more info on said law you might want to educate yourself with. 
In 2008 there were discussions about removing the word 'sedition' from the legislation due to how it could be interpreted. Read the article from The Age here.

I'm not going to sit here and regurgitate any more information that is freely available out there on the World Wide Web for any one that wants to actually put some effort into educating themselves. However if you for some reason can't get past Wikipedia, I have made the effort.

 Here are just a few useful links one might want to check out before plagiarizing Wikipedia.

I found this quote too and quite liked it. 
“Sedition (is an) arcane offence from a bygone era when freedom of expression wasn’t seen as the right it is today” - Lord Bach, the British Justice Minister.

Next....some more straws to try grab a hold of...
Slander can briefly be summed up as defamation by way of spoken words. May be a little difficult to prove slander on a blog due to the fact that we are not speaking.

Libel - defamation by way of written words. The following definition can be found on www.http://dictionary.reference.com

[lahy-buhl] noun, verb, li·beled, li·bel·ing or ( especially British ) li·belled, li·bel·ling.
1. Law .
a. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
b. the act or crime of publishing it.
c. a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

Defamation - Click here for all relevant information to this. There is a plethora of information on the site. Again I am not going to sit here regurgitating information that is easily accessible to anyone that wants to actually know what they are talking about before throwing around accusations. 

So in conclusion there is nothing defamatory or libelous in any of my blog posts. I have not written anything that identifies anyone specifically nor have I written anything that is malicious. Even if you think you could guess who it is I may be referring to, nothing I have written would do any more damage to their reputation than they have already done to themselves as anything I have discussed involving people is there to be read on Facebook by anyone.

Lastly, this blog is my outlet, a little bit of fun, a little bit of this and a little bit of that...no one is making you read it. If you find it all so terrible then stop visiting, don't click that link when it gets posted in a group. I am not forcing it on you. I only post the link on my FB page. Like I said in my first post. I like writing. I like sharing opinions. I like sharing advice. What I don't like is the rubbish that comes with sharing your opinion on FB. This is why I don't now and have rarely bothered before. Sharing my point of view, ideas and advice this way is the best way for me and for those that genuinely want to know without having to deal with trolls. Also look how much I can fit into a blog post as opposed to a tiny little comment section on FB! AND how many more people I can reach that might not be in a particular group that I might offer some amazing advice on! haha 

ok I'm done...Let's keep those pretty panties from getting all up in a bunch over trival matters. Like I have said before, you really will be more comfy ;)

11 May 2012

It's a Paradox..

So after that last amazing post I just did I have realised that I am getting totally off track to what I originally wanted to do with this blog. I really can't say exactly what it was/is that I wanted to do as I have kind of lost myself in getting caught up in the FB drama. And the Psychologist has made me realise that I don't want to be like her. While I can't really remember the original reasoning's, I do know the new one is not to be a hypocrite and get caught up in the Facebook bullshit. And I will fully admit I have done just that. People write about how shit they think it all is. That they don't even care, when clearly they do. They bitch about the people bitching saying how pathetic it is. Yes I see the hypocrisy here. I am guessing they don't. Because they keep on going.
Mostly I find it amusing. Some people I find pathetic. Others not. Either way. I don't want to blog about it. I started this blog before the others and I don't want it to be the same. It has nothing to do with not being able to handle the competition. Because quite frankly there is no competition. Pissing people off with your first posts is not the best way to get a fan base. The only reason people are going to keep going back to that blog is because it is like a train wreck. They'll look because they just wont be able to help themselves but then carry on about how horrible it is. It's just another sheep joining the flock. Couldn't think up something original to blog about so decided to just do their own version of what has already been happening for the past 6 months. They do say intimation is the highest form of flattery though. She can keep the bitchfest. Hey! Maybe my blog will turn into pointing out her hypocrisies. (it wont really, that was just sarcasm)
I am wondering why she didn't blog about herself with the post about what people do to piss people off...she definitely cornered that market today! Anyway just wanted to clear that up while I still can.

I just have one more thing to say about something though. The Cage Group. GASP! Yes I named it! no hiding behind pseudonyms here! Just anonymity :P
Hopefully those that hate the Cage aren't going to hate me for this following post but just understand that we are all entitled to our own opinions. I have been in this group almost from the start and no I don't regularly post in there so it is not a biased opinion either. Just one based on facts of what I have personally witnessed. So don't hate me for it. Or do. I don't care, really. It'll just prove your shallowness if you do ;)
anyway The Cage....seriously, yes at the start I was as mortified as the next person at some of the crap that was being posted in there. I almost left a couple of time because I thought "holy shit these chicks are fucking CRAZY!!" "They can not seriously be like this in real life" o_O <--- yep you guessed it wide eyed and shocked. BUT curiosity got the better of me and I hung out a while longer and I am glad I did! I do still wonder occasionally what drugs some of them might be on, or wonder why certain people have felt the need to post certain aspects of their lives for so many strangers to know about, but what I have come to realise is they do it because they feel comfortable doing it. I myself never would post as much details as what I have seen recently but hey each to their own. They consider each other friends and TRUST each other. They can have a joke. They can disagree, and be ok with it. And the power behind that closeness, even if it is a cyber one, and the friendship with each other has been evident on more than one occasion in the past week. Once when a troll came in and tried to stir up trouble they ALL stood up to her. In any other group only a select few if any would be game enough to speak out against a post of such nature.
One thing I did witness the other day was absolute proof that these women are NOT crazed lunatics that threaten other peoples lives or whatever else it is they are accused of.
One member, who I don't recall seeing before had posted about a personal situation and I have never seen so much compassion and support in ANY other FB group. Not even ones that profess their sole purpose to be support. So many women that don't even know each other in real life sharing beautiful, thoughtful words for one AMAZING mum in a situation no parent should ever have to go through. No one wanted to share that aspect of the group in their bad mouthing did they. This is why I am now. This group is just a group of chicks hanging out having fun. making friends and supporting each other. Even if they don't call it a support page. If you spend enough time in there you'll see it really is :P
As for the language. HAHA those that are getting all twisted up inside about it. Seriously just stop. There is no need for it. If you really do find it that disgraceful then don't read it. Don't put yourself in the situation to be exposed to it. Pretty simple really.
The only reason I can see anymore for anyone getting all riled up about what they say and do is jealously. Jealous that you don't have the closeness that this bunch clearly has. There is an obvious solution to your troubles. Go find a hobby. Get as involved in your own lives as you seem to clearly want to be in others. It's just really sad to keep seeing people complain about other people. If you hate them so much why on earth do you waste so much of your own time and energy on them.
Time to let it go now. Lets all do it together. ok? ok.
YAY! doesn't that feel so much better!?!

So this is it. My final rant surrounding the same old FB drama. I'm not saying I am never going to post about FB lol just a little disclaimer there. I am just not going to keep going around in circles with posts about specific groups and personalities. Hopefully I still find interesting things to blog about! haha!

Make sure you spend some time out side tomorrow and get some fresh air...Its good for you apparently!

Maddy :o

^^ LOL clearly I am not really Maddy....just wanted to stir her up a little :P

We all need a little therapy....apparently..

Our very own resident psychologist that has decided they are the messiah to save us all from ourselves!

With statements such as
"my mission is to fill in some of the gaps between these groups, discuss certain controversial topics, allow members to have a better understanding of what has been said and the context of these discussions, then maybe their opinions of certain people and groups for that matter will be a little less biased."
"what I plan to do is a build the bridge between groups, expose those people who jump from group to group and bad mouth people,  the ones that create drama where drama isn’t found"...... "I do intend to provide enough information for those involved to be able to work out what is going on."

Does anyone else find this a little patronising? Seems we are all apparently so misguided that we actually have no real idea as to what is going on in the Facebook groups we are in. Or worse! we are actually that insanely clueless, that we have no idea that we in fact, had no idea!

Forgive me if I am wrong but I am fairly certain that no matter what is posted in this therapy blog it's not going to change peoples opinions of certain other people. You can psychoanalyze all you like. The fact is the words on Facebook are sometimes written one way and read another. People will read stuff exactly the way they want to read it and interpret it exactly the way they want to. Just as I have read the therapy blog and am now interpreting it. (which by the way seems I am not the only one that has come to some of the same conclusions).

An example of something being written and how it was turned into something else. Some got all twisted up inside about a comment in a group hoping a certain someone would get raped by a baseball bat covered in barb wire. Now when i read that originally I thought "OH DEAR!! that's a little violent." o_O <---(thats me, wide eyed and shocked). But knowing the background of what had happened, after my inital shock and slight disgust I did understand her anger and my commonsense kicks in and tells me that it was a heat of the moment comment. I don't agree with it. I wouldn't ever write such things myself. BUT that doesn't mean I can't be empathetic to her situation and reasoning behind it. Now for those that appear to be lacking in the commonsense department and want to judge this person the entire group based on one comment then you do infact need to take a step back and readjust your knickers. As vile as the comment may have been there was no actual threat.
The definition of threat = "a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course"There was no declaration or obvious intent in the words written in that post. Hoping for something is not threatening. And if i remember the post correctly she was big enough to admit that she had gone to far with the wording and rephrased it.

So what we learn from situations as above is princesses need to calm themselves, read the actual words written. Don't read something then change it around to suit a vigilante witch hunt to make others look like some sort of psychopath. Pretty sure we have ALL said dumb shit at some point in our lives.

Anyway, a little off topic ...back to the psychologist...I could easily sit here all night picking apart and questioning bits and pieces of each post. But seeing as though I get easily bored when spending too much time on something here are just some of the things that jumped out at me when I read it.

"expose those people who jump from group to group and bad mouth people,  the ones that create drama where drama isn’t found"
How can people be "exposed" when pseudonyms are used. And if they are actually doing it, going from group to group bad mouthing, then are they not exposing themselves anyways.

"I do intend to provide enough information for those involved to be able to work out what is going on." I'm confused. If they are involved don't they already know what is going on? why do they need an anonymous blogger to recount it for them.
I think this part is one of my favourites "allow members to have a better understanding of what has been said and the context of these discussions" - my bad, I was under the impression that I had my own mind and could easily understand things for myself. After all I do have this rather unique ability to be able to decide if the context didn't make sense then clearly I have missed something so I ignore that post and move along. (this unique ability I like to call commonsense, if your lucky you have it to)

And then we have some contradictions -
First it is the intent to copy and paste discussions from FB into the blog but then the next post it's not about copying and pasting at all but about discussing the personalities of these people. Because you can definitely tell exactly what kind of person someone is from behind a computer screen with only the minimal amount of info they actual give.

Then there is "I’m kinda a silent member,  for a couple of years now I’ve been a member of these types of groups and although I say very little in fact usually nothing at all..." but then " I do not intend to upset the majority, many of who have been of great support to me in the past and I hope will be in the future." - So how do you get great support if you are a silent member.
ok thats all I can be bothered with now. While I can kind of, and I really mean kind of as in can see in a small tiny miniscule way what the attempt is with the therapy blog it has started off with an extremely flawed thought process. I am guessing that is why it went down for a little while and was slightly edited to remove and words that related it to Defence. But guess what?! I can copy and paste too! I have the original posts that state exactly what "workforce" it is in reference to ;)
Even with that minimal change I still think the idea is flawed and from the get go has pretty much got everyone off side. It has made some genuine people now fear posting anything at all due to the fact that their privacy has indirectly been threatened. It is irrelevant if pseudonyms are used as it will not be hard to go into the actual group and figure out what the real name is. And yes i know the groups have been given pseudonyms also. But once the psychoanalyzing really begins its not going to be hard to deduce what group is what and therefore the people involved.

It will be interesting to watch over the coming time to see if it can redeem itself. I don't know how that will be possible but hey you never know!

So lets all lie back on the couch, and let the psychoanalyzing begin. But Really in the grand scheme of things nothing anyone anonymous says will change the original thought of someone no matter how much you think you can "fill in the gaps". Most of these women that get bees in their bonnets about trivial stuff are too stubborn and stupid to ever think they could be wrong about an individual. OH! just remembered another thing while on this subject...The "mission" of our psychologist is to "fill in some of the gaps between these groups, discuss certain controversial topics, allow members to have a better understanding of what has been said and the context of these discussions, then maybe their opinions of certain people and groups for that matter will be a little less biased." BUT dear Psychologist also says "In the time I have personally spent reading these pages I have a list of people in my head to avoid, those who cause trouble, those who complicate things..." hmmmm so Psychologist can have a list of people they want to avoid based solely on what they have read from said people in FB groups but apparently the rest of us need it spelled out to us by Psychologist because clearly we can not deduce the same outcome on our own!. LOL. Seriously. LOL.

Anyway my personal opinion of it all is that it is a serious violation of privacy, respect and common courtesy amongst fellow Defence partners. Not to mention rather insulting in the fact that we are now apparently someones little guinea pigs that they are using to study for their own benefit. Someone correct me if I am wrong but don't you have to agree to be part of a "study"? Little bit disturbing I think. But I will admit that the most recent post has given me a slither of a positive feeling as I do agree with some of the things stated ie bullying. actually thats probably it. Encouraging people to be all PC and follow 'Group Etiquette' seems to me like blog suicide. Without controversial posts and comments the whole point of starting in the first place seems rather futile. Though lucky no one is really going to actually change the way they act save for not acting at all due to the fear of being publicly psychoanalyzed.

One final quote from the Psychologist "Theres always 3 sides to every story, one side, the other side and then there’s the ugly truth, which I hope you will find on my blog" - Um who made you judge, jury and executioner??! what makes your truth the right truth?

OK that is enough from me now. I keep going to finish off and then remember more. I better stop now before I remember anything else and just end up sounding like another ranting raving lunatic. oh. wait. hang on.

11 April 2012

But it's not FAIR!!

As we are well and truly into the beginning of the new year all the posting nightmare stories have faded away. So what comes next in the order of things....RENT INCREASE! Good God this conversation is getting sooooooo old! this increase, effective 29th March 2012, is NOT another increase on what people were up in arms about a few months ago...it is the same one..fancy that, yes the info was out there months before it actually was taking effect. anyhow, all I can see is wha! wha! wha! why don't we get MORE!?!?! MORE entitlements I say, I WANT MORE!!

I am a little curious to know where this new breed of ungrateful Army wife is coming from?!but meh thats a post for another day...

I decided to do a little research...I went on to Realestate.com and searched 4 bedroom houses, due to them being the most common of DHA houses. I searched suburbs that seem to come up alot in discussions of posting locations. I am fully aware that there are far more than this but really any more research and it would not have been fun and felt more like work :S anyways! I averaged the first 10 rentals that came up for the area. (except Darwin which was an average of 5) and this is the rent that each area averaged out to be.

Brisbane QLD - $535
Durak/Gunn NT- $631
Lyons NT - $926
Townsville QLD- $493
Wagga Wagga NSW - $389
Wattle Grove NSW - $492

These prices are PER WEEK! so all you that are up in arms over the increase and especially those that this time, got a $40 increase bringing their FORTNIGHTLY rent to $451.94 need a slap in the face with a reality check!

Why do you complain so much :S why is nothing ever good enough or simply just enough for you?? Sure Defence members can, on occasion, get screwed with the wrong end of a pineapple BUT that still does not mean that you have an entitlement to be treated like royalty. Lots of people get screwed with the wrong ends of pineapples in all sorts of different jobs and in life in general. You don't see them jumping up and down demanding compensation for it.

The simple fact is the Defence Member didn't sign on the dotted line for the cheap rent.
They didn't sign on the dotted line because they figured that the defence would 'owe them' something for doing the job they do.
THEY signed on that line because THEY wanted to.
They signed on the line because THEY wanted to do a JOB. And fortunately for them and their family there are some benefits that go with that. One of which is subsidised rent. Yet this is just never enough for some. Then they get on they "we should have been notified" wagon, whinging and carrying on that they never get told blah blah blah. Well my dears, how about you sook at your partner for that?! They are the ones that get told as they are the defence member, if they don't tell you it is no one else's fault but THEIRS. However really the information is there for you to read yourselves. The Army newspaper can sometimes be a wealth of knowledge that you can get this information from. Before any one tries on the excuse that 'not all members get the newspaper' 'not all members have the time to read the newspaper' ' not all members are in the country to get the newspaper.' YOU can view in online! YOU can subscribe to it and have it emailed to you fortnightly so you don't have to rely on your partners for all the info.

As for the 'we might aswell go RA' statement. LOL really you think you would be better off in RA?! I'm not even justifying that with an explanation other than to say. WOW! You clearly are a few cans short of a 6 pack.

This increase is not new, it has been phased in for years since the changes to the GRS. Years ago there were CPLs and below houses, there were SGTs house and so on up the ranks. Each paid a different rate. So 2 houses next door to each other that were, for all intents and purposes exactly the same. 4 bedrooms, ensuite, double garage etc. but one housed a CPL and his family the other a SGT and family. The CPL paying less rent for the same thing. What the new (well not so new now, but when it was changed and brought in) GRS changed the way that house were catergorised so that there weren't so many different classifications. Bringing Rank groups together. So now LTs, SGTs, CPLs and PTEs (or whatever other rank is equal to Private for what ever Corp.) are all in the same housing classification and as of now (due to the last increase that was effective as of the 29th March 2012) all pay the same amount of rent. This is the reason that CPLs and below got a $40 p/f increase and SGTs was only around $11 because the CPLs and below were not paying as much. The increase was not only to bring the rank contributions onto line but also to even out the amount subsidised by Defence.
We pay the low rent we do because Defence subsidises the difference which is supposed to be 50% but for a long time it was alot more than that and that is what they have been trying to achieve through the GRS over the past i think 5 years (someone correct me if I am wrong, I think the GRS changes were first brought in in 2007), reduce the enormous subsidy defence was already paying for us and to bring the amounts paid to be even.

Before anyone jumps up and down about the 50% thing saying there is now way their house in whatever is worth X amount in civvie rent. That is NOT what it means. It is not location specific it is an Australian wide average. So while your rent may seem closer to regular rent in some back end crappy place it will more than make up for it when you end up somewhere in the likes of Darwin where the rent, as you can see above from my little research project can be extremely expensive.

Then there is the argument of how much people get paid. CPLs and below wives complaining that they don't get paid as much as SGTs so why should they have to pay the same rent? Well, that would simply be because you are living in the same housing! plain and simple. If you were working a civilian job and went looking for a house to rent your Real Estate agent isn't going to set the rent for the house you want to rent based on how much you earn. So why should Defence? The Defence does not OWE you anything. They don't owe you cheap rent because of what your husband does, or what your family goes thorough with him being away alot or whatever. Your husband was not conscripted and MADE to do this job and live this life. HE chose it. And whether you were with him when he first went off to Kapooka or met him later in his career and he was already serving, YOU chose it too! So lets stop with all the carry on. wha, wha, whaaaaaa! I'm not saying you can't have a sook, if you feel the need go right ahead....but do it in silence! Nobody else cares about how hard you think your life is. Because guess what??! there are hundreds of others going through exactly the same thing and in some cases worse! Stop blaming the Defence for lack of communication and go out there and educate YOURSELVES! all the information is available you just have to make an effort to find it. Better still I'll make the effort for you!

Warning - I am about to post a link to what some feel is an extremely dirty word...to those I say, Get over yourselves.....this link has every bit of info about everything relating to payments etc so here you go Click here -----> PACMAN or if you want a direct link to the classifications of rent contributions  click here! and go to the bottom where it has a link to "Annex 7.A1."

Another document that is a wealth of information is the Army Newspaper! Click there -----> Latest Edition. There will be a button that says REGISTER when you get there and you can register and they will email you the latest edition every fortnight! how about that?! pretty amazing hey! AND you will even get it before it is put out in Hard Copy at the units! Yep I know, pretty darn amazing this technology thing right??

Ok now that that is settled I am out of here...I'm still working on changing my habits. And Clearly I still have a ways to go on my first one that I decided on back in January seeing as it is again after midnight and I am still up. Writing blog posts. but hey midnight is better than 0300hrs right?!

Try not to get your knickers in a twist so much...you will be alot more comfortable ;)

11 February 2012

She blocked you??!! Shit, just kill yourself now.

Too harsh a title??! possibly...BUT this is exactly the point...people take this shit WAY to seriously!

There has been a bit of chatter around about people being blocked on Facebook. To the point that people are getting pissed off about it and questioning what they did to deserve it. Seriously? LOL WHY do you CARE so much is what I want to know...People are carrying on like blocking is some sort of evil act that only the devil himself would do.

It is not about people hiding behind computer screens, and using the block button as a way of not dealing with issues. The only thing it says about the blocker is that they are clearly not interested in the existence of the particular person they are blocking. Simple. The real world DOES work that way. It's just done in a different way. Obviously there is no 'block button' on a persons forehead for you to press and make them disappear.  It's actually alot easier than that, you just stay away from them. It's really not that difficult. It IS harder to stay away from certain people on FB. I've said it before and I'll say it again for those that missed it. The Defence world is a small one. Especially on FB. Alot of the same people are in the same groups. Why should someone NOT be apart of a group just because a certain person that they don't particularly like is in there? why should that person miss out on the plethora of knowledge or possible life long friendship of others just because there is someone in there that they don't want to share their business with nor wants to be able to know about theirs. The simple way to fix this is to block said person, erasing their existence from your online life, leaving you to live a simple, uncomplicated drama free life. Why do people see it as cowardly or nasty or a low act to decide that they don't want to know certain types of people?! No-one is EVER going to like EVERYONE...it's a simple fact of life. For the most part people are mature and understand this and make the conscious decision not to associate themselves with idiots. In real life you just don't go near them. On FB the only way to eradicate idiots from your online life is to block them. So then 1) you don't have to put up with seeing their ridiculous posts, whether that post be an overshare of their sex life, what toys they like to use, or a constant whinge about how hard their life is and how entitled they think they are because they are part of Defence life. OR the fact that they are basically just a total mole (or troll which ever suits) that spends her time either baiting people, and being outright 2 faced in one group only to then go and play the victim in another.

Whatever the reason no one needs to justify it to ANYONE! It is not spineless to not want to air your grievances in a public forum as some have so eloquently put it in the new infamous 'cage fight' FB group. You don't know peoples circumstances and you also don't know all the different people on FB some of them ARE extremely disturbed and there is NOTHING wrong with someone protecting themselves from becoming a victim of said disturbed person by blocking them from having any contact. I have no issues with the group before anyone jumps on the defensive and starts vomiting out vulgar obscenities at me. Each to their own. If thats how you feel you need to deal with whatever is bothering you go right ahead. If it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to belittle others and throw all sense of class and your femininity out the window. Go right ahead. For some it is a great place for them to let out their larger than life personalities that do sometimes get shot down in other more tame groups, for some, pure amusement to just watch. For others it is something that has been born from the vile pits of Hell. For me it is a realisation that there are WAY more crazies out there than I ever imagined! And there are quiet a few partners who need their mouths washed out with bleach! Sometimes it is a little contradictory though in that is says 'anything discussed freely' "This is NOT a sympathy/ support group, it's adults having an opinion relating to life, get over it if you don't like it. It is a place you can vent to the extent you wish..." Yet I have noticed that when someone does vent what they are feeling, or has an opinion, particular members totally loose their shit and go to town on the person that posted...Contradictory behaviour like this then tends to be proof to the nay-sayers that it really is just a giant bitch-fest-orgy. 
LOL might wanna sort that shit hey...ANYWAY! like I said each to their own but it's really uncool to be a hypocrite...just saying. Personally I think it's like a train wreck....you know you shouldn't look...but you just can't help yourself...I have gone to leave it on a number of occasions but curiosity gets the better of me and I stay with my bowl of popcorn just so see what will unfold next. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I think 'oh dear'. One thing that is right though...other groups have had a noticed decline in drama haha I can't speak for all but the ones that I am in it is noticeable....so for that, well I guess it is a little good. As for the crankiness over what Just Another Army Wife posted in the You must be this crazy to enter post...Why so serious?! (said in your head with the voice of The Joker, otherwise really it doesn't sound as cool) it really was funny! try relax a little...you'll feel better...I promise ;)

ok totally got sidetracked from one topic to another but totally awesome topics to discuss don't you think?! yep me too....The moral of the story is...1. Get the sand out of your giny and get over the fact that someone has blocked you. Stop constantly whinging about it. No one likes a sooky la la. Move on and forget the person because it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that they have forgotten about you ;)
and 2. Hypocrisy is not cool. Relax a little. Breathe. and remember IT'S JUST FACEBOOK. 

p.s Yes you CAN 'block' housework! it's called choosing not to do it...It all comes down to choices people....you all have the choice. It's a fabulous thing we have called free will. 

p.p.s The C bomb might not be a 'bad' word....but there is NOTHING classy or attractive about it being said by a woman. It is foul and disgusting. Period.

p.p.p.s No I do not want to 'call' any of you out. My Spine is perfectly intact thanks. I have no personal issue with any of you. Some of you I find rather interesting and sometimes think we might get along well if met in person. This was purely a display of my exercising my freedom of speech ;) However no matter that I have said this, I will wait with baited breath what colourful names you come up with to call me because you don't happen to like my opinions! Stay calm people. You'll live longer!

02 February 2012

"OPSEC"....OPwhat??!! part 2.....ruined

So I had a super awesome update to share of my previous OPSEC post. If you missed it, it's here. Also here ........and here aswell. So recently an OPSEC Nazi reared her head having an OSMW moment about it. Seems someone linked to my post as I had a substantial number of hits that day! thanks :D

I read it, and the following comments, and had a laugh...because really laughing at these people is the only thing I can think of doing that is not illegal.

Last night a friend sent me a link to a You Tube video about this very topic...and I laughed ALOT! thinking this is awesome and would be a brilliant update to my OPSEC post...something new and unique and funny....BUT seems it went viral in a lot of groups over night totally ruining the awesomeness of this post :S

So here it is anyways the OPSEC Nazi.....It's funny....because it's true....see sometimes we aren't all that different from the Yanks!

25 January 2012

" Remember that silence can sometimes be the best answer. " - Dalai Lama

Well haven't I been riding the slack train for far to long! it's been 2 weeks since I have shared my amazing-ness with you all...how rude of me...I do apologise!

SO! what do I have to write about today? well nothing overly exciting...but still something is better than nothing right??

While sitting here checking out FB talking to some friends I got to thinking about said friends, then about friendship in itself which then led me to of course friendships within Army life. Even just Defence life in general, I figure the same thing occurs with partners in other services and even between services. I have friends that are RAAF wives and Navy wives also, and met them through Facebook!

Whenever I mention my FB Defence wife friends to my husband it usually goes along these lines...

Me - One of my friends blah blah blah....

Him - What friend?

Me - One of my Defence wife friends on Facebook...

Him - OH! one of your 60yr old-pedophile- axe murderer-friends? you do realise that they are not real friends?!

Me - ah, yes they are!

Him - *rolls eyes* O.K :S

So anyways...about these friendships...Some of the lovely ladies I have had as facebook friends for around 3-4 years...they probably know more about me and my life than friends I have had in my life for years. And no its not because I share my entire life on FB, rather because if I do happen to write something about being frustrated or annoyed or angry they are the first ones to ask if I am ok or what can they do to help...They understand, to an extent what I am going through because they are in similar situations themselves. If I write about something awesome, or that I am happy about...they are the first to 'like' it...or tell me how great it is, or how happy for me they are. This to me is what real friendship is about. You don't have to see people in person to be their friend, you don't have to have met someone in person to be a supportive caring friend.

I have met some of these women in person and I am so grateful I have. Partly to prove to the husband that they were not 60yr old-pedophile-axe-murderers! And mostly because, well turns out they really are bloody awesome chicks! Now if it wasn't for Facebook alot of these people I would never have even crossed paths with as we have never been posted to the same location. Or if we have been in the same location at one time or another, we never met being our husbands are in different units it is very rare to meet wifes/girlfriends outside of your husbands unit. (unless your the playgroup kind of person, which I am not) So yay for Social Media!!

Now on the other end of this awesomeness is some shitness (yes shitness is now a word... I just invented it) unfortunately with the amazing friendships that come with Defence Life and Facebook, there is also the not so amazing people. I am sure most of you have come across it at one point or another. This part is the downside to social media...or really just Facebook. As much as I love it (sshhh don't tell anyone) Things were alot less dramatic without it. I have seen SO much drama in 'support' groups it's not funny. I have been in a few over the years and have witnessed some crazy antics. Mostly I laugh, because really some of these women take life/FB WAY to seriously and complain about the most inane stuff! I have read stuff about people bitching about admins and being removed from groups, yes group's' plural...Then I wonder, well really if you have been removed from multiple groups do you not think that maybe your behaviour is the problem, not the actual admin...LOL seems only natural to me...I have also seen people complain about not only having to deal with having a husband deployed and all the other issues in their lives but also having to deal with all the bitching in FB groups...Um newsflash, no you don't...no one makes you be in FB groups, no one makes you get involved in drama...If you have so much other stuff to deal with in your life, why are you bothering getting involved...get of FB if you find the drama stuff such an issue. It is actually easier to ignore posts/people you don't agree with or are not interested in rather than take the time to comment/post about in a negative way. The irony in this though is they then go to another group and start bitching about other people! And again I sit there thinking seriously!?! Do you not see anything wrong with what you have just done! I can not be the only person seeing this can I???

I think I have said it before that as big as the Defence Force is, it is also just as small, especially on FB.
Check out another awesome Army wife's post on the same topic here. (nb. We are friends, before anyone wants to come up with some insane reasoning behind us both writing about a similar topic...it is just one of those awesome moments between awesome people that we just happen to be thinking along the same lines!)

While sure you may have a couple of people that might comment agreeing with your bitching, there are more than likely alot more that are quietly not agreeing...just because people don't comment or post does not mean they are not there reading.

It really is a shame that certain people can be so darn nasty. Especially those that have this defence life in common. It is completely ok to not agree with other people. Not all people that disagree are being nasty. They just have a difference of opinion. What is so wrong with that. How extremely boring would the world be if everyone agreed about everything all the time! People are either just way to sensitive or just extremely bitter. I believe in Karma. Strongly. So these people that go out of their way to bad mouth others will have their day/s. Others will eventually figure them out and like my friend wrote in her post they are making their own lonely beds to lie in this lifestyle.

The people I find that are the saddest of them all are the bandwagon passengers, these are the people that actually have no idea who it is the nasties are bitching about yet add their 2 cents worth anyways or they do know them by name but have never communicated with the person themselves...sometimes I want to ask why? why are you jumping on this bandwagon when by your comments it is clear you don't even know exactly what it is they are talking about, but I don't really want to get involved, and mostly I don't know either and don't really want to know, so when I see the bitching I sit back in amazement watching it unfold and watching the bandwagon passengers pretty much put a target on themselves, alienating themselves from making new friends with normal people. Sometimes the groups are like a terrible train wreck...you know you shouldn't look but you just can't help watching.

Best advice I have is be careful who it is you are making friends with. My amazing Defence friends that I have met on Facebook are proof that there are some awesome wives out there. But the High School antics in groups also proves that there are also a few not so awesome ones...Luckily they are few, and really if you pay attention, it's not hard to figure out who they are...Just remember that when you jump on the bandwagon of the people that are bitching about others, think about what they are then possibly saying to others about YOU!

Written in the wee hours of this morning, this post was brought you by our friends at James B. Beam Distilling Co. only being published right now due to my still having the sense enough to wait till today to proof read and make sure I didn't get too ranty!.....still not entirely convinced it made much difference though!

07 January 2012


I've been around a while. Living the Army life with the Husband for over 10 years. Had friends before that with husbands in the Army etc. Never in any of that time, not even anytime during my husbands deployments have I come across the term "OPSEC", and rightly so, I'm NOT the one IN the Army. I'm NOT the one that goes out on Operations. It wasn't until probably the last 2 years in some new Facebook 'support' groups for Defence wives and girlfriends did it start popping up. I have been in one particular group for over 4 years and nothing. However the extent that this term is thrown around these days absolutely ASTOUNDS me! why on earth do wives and girlfriends find it so necessary to constantly be bringing this term into a post or conversation?

For starters, there is no actual OPSEC document relating to wives that says 'rule 1. don't do this,' 'rule 2. don't do that.'* OPSEC is 'Operational Security.' If you know anything about OPSEC then your defence member other half is the one that has breeched OPSEC!. In the grand scheme of the ADF it has NOTHING to do with you as a wife or partner. If you ask anyone to link you to specifics you'll find they link you to something from the US. Last time I checked we were Australian, not American.

Secondly, why are wives and girlfriends even discussing anything that warrants the OPSEC nazi to rear her ugly head and, to quote a very good friend, throw in a sickly polite "just be mindful of OPSEC rules ladies :)"
You should already know what you can and can't post about from your husbands/boyfriends....and if for some really strange reason he has not had the conversation with you about this then really commonsense should kick in and tell you that you should not be telling anyone about his current or upcoming deployment ANYWHERE online, closed group or not. Even your personal profile.

Operational Security is just that, about operations. It is not about what corp or unit your partner is in and certainly has no relation to his/her rank. Certain units of course, for security reasons can not be discussed by anyone that is apart of them, though any wife that runs her mouth about being part of those units is probably on her way to being divorced. Mentioning your partners Unit is not a violation of anything (except as previously stated about certain units). If an admin of a Facebook group says you can't mention it then they are more than like one of said OPSEC nazi's. The Corp thing usually just comes down to Grunts Vs Pogues. And occasionally particular units in the same corps don't particularly like each other either, which is a whole other story that really has nothing to do with wives anyways. So really you don't need to get all argumentative over it in a FB group. I find nothing wrong with asking what unit someones partner is in if there is a likely chance that it may be the same as yours partners and they might even end up knowing each other which then makes it much easier to make new friends! unless the husbands don't like each other....awwwwkwarrrrd!

This then leads to the rank thing. There is nothing actually wrong with mentioning what rank your partner is. Unless you are mentioning it to big note yourself, these women are supposedly known as 'rank wearers', which to be honest I have never come across myself and really rather despise the term. I truly believe it is talked about more than it actually happens! and you will also find those that are constantly going on about 'rank wearing' are those whose partners don't actually have any rank, but when they do get it those wives will more than likely be the ones that turn into the mythological 'rank wearing creature.'  The rank thing, I have found in discussions usually is an ORs (other ranks) and Officers thing. The boys have their reasons for this for exactly the reason that they are the ones that live it. I also don't find anything wrong with asking someone that you are making friends with what rank their hubby is, he maybe the same rank as yours and you might find yourself in the same location and at the same events! (ie. dining in nights, they are usually the only rank specific events) much better to go to them knowing that you know someone else, especially if you are new to a location. So again another topic that is not a security risk and one wives should not be getting all argumentative over.

SO! If someone gets their nose out of joint because you mentioned a Corp, Unit or rank you are not doing anything wrong! (again except for the certain units as previously stated) it is their own issue that they need to get over. Just don't talk about O/S deployments in detail and you don't have a problem.

What it really comes down to when talking on FB to a group of 400-800 women that mostly you have never met before is not worrying about whether you are breaking the rules of some fictional document, rather what you really should be worried about or thinking about is "will my husband really appreciate me talking about him and his job to all these strangers?" you'll probably find the answer is "Hell, NO!" Though of course you are well within your wifely duties to rant about the fact he has just come back from 2 weeks out bush and has dumped his stinky cams on the floor for you to pick up and wash. Or has spent the majority of his leave carving out a nice arse dent in the lounge while watching episode after episode of American Dad or Family Guy or playing the playstation/Xbox! These kinds of discussions are highly encouraged in order to save your sanity and the likelihood of you committing murder.

P.S feel free to rant away on my Facebook page if you want! :D you can find it by clicking right.............HERE!

*I am more than happy to be corrected if I am wrong, I have searched and asked particular people and am yet to come across such a document. Link me to it if it exists and I will stand corrected!

02 January 2012

Change your habits...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz....

So a new year begins....hmmm any new years resolutions...I thought about it and started with the usual lose a few kilos, get fit...haha the same one everyone makes every year. I thought about some realistic ones (not that the weight/fit thing isn't realistic. Just requires more will power) and thought you know what why do I need to? why do I need to NOW?! There are a few little things I want to achieve, sure. Though why do I need the excuse of a new year to do it. I have realised while thinking about writing this post that we shouldn't need an excuse such as a new year to change things in our lives. If you really want to change yourself then do it. If you really want to do something, then do it. I have watched a couple of different TV series over the past couple of weeks and some things that were said really clicked with me. The first saying being "I am what time and circumstance made me" to an extent I very much believe this, the extent being that I also believe we choose to be who we are also. I am a huge believer in everything happens for a reason and the things that happen are due to the choices we make. So being in a particular place and time making the choices that we do is what leads us then to the next time, place and choice. Yes, I can hear some of you saying but this happened to me out of my control or that happened to me and I didn't choose it. These things I just put down to lifes little mysteries, while we may never know the reason for everything that happens to us there is always one and it is always just another part of life that we need to just get through and learn from.
So this brings me to the next one. "Change your habits" If you don't like the way your life is going, the crappy things that seem to recycle in your life all the time. Change your habits. This is another realisation that I had. The same crap keeps happening because I keep doing the same things or keep letting certain things get to me. A minor example would be, "I keep sleeping in till almost midday losing most of the day because I keep staying up till 3am". So that sounds like a habit that is an easy one to change, just go to bed earlier. But those first couple of nights wont be easy, wont be able to sleep straight away on account of not being tired yet. The first few days wont be easy either. Getting up earlier and not having as much sleep the night before will make you tired during the day. So as easy as it sound to 'just go to bed earlier' your body still needs to be retrained to a new habit. The smallest things you want to change will not be as easy as you think. BUT does not mean you should just give up! and there lies another habit to change....everything is connected to the next something.

Wow that was a little bit of a self-help-esque, rant! The point is you don't need an excuse like a new year to do these things! just make the decision and do it! So this is my resolution, not new year resolution. It's just a resolution to start. I am sure things will happen during the year that need to change or new things I want to start. And then those will become my resolutions also, because I want things to change at that time. Not because it's a new year, not because old traditions says I should, but because it really is something i want to do or change at that moment!

So off you go!...Go make a change!