13 December 2011

Why? Because I can...

Thinking about the last 10 years, where it has gone, what I have done/achieved I realised it has gone way to fast and I have definitely done alot. I used to write all the time, a loooong time ago, just a journal I guess you could call it,  but i was an angry teenager lol well that is the only impression you would get if you ever read the books. It seems like I only ever wrote about the usual teenage angst, an unfair mother, which boy I liked this week, my sister getting away with anything and everything. Then as the years went on it was about everyday life stuff, what  I was doing etc but the entries got few and far between as I got older.

 Even though I have thought about it over the last 10 years I just never started again properly, I did about 6 years ago but again after something pretty crappy happened but just like before things got good and I stopped again and it is kinda sad really as the last 10 years have probably been the most significant eventful part of my life. I wish I had of kept going there has been way more exciting important things happening in my life that should have been documented that way.

So why now? well simply because I can and a few months ago I decided that it would be an awesome idea to start a blog!! It clearly didn't happen a few months ago as I decided that I would wait until life settled down a little bit as we all know how hectic this time of year and leading up to it can be for Defence Families. It's not easy to 'just start a blog' you know! even as I type this I have been sitting at the computer for a good couple of hours trying to make just the design of it at a stage that I am happy with, (for now) and not to mention the name of the blog, let alone start posting, but really I actually started writing posts last week in the notes section on my phone. I would have started weeks ago if I had of come up with the right name lol anyways clearly it just wasn't meant to happen till right.......NOW!

Whether anyone else reads it is really not important. It is just an outlet, somewhere for me to put my random rants, experiences, and maybe even advice should anyone actually end up reading it. I have been known to help quite a few people with certain things, especially the last 3 years pretty much just on Facebook but things tend to get lost in the masses of futile, brain numbing, TMO posts that get posted sometimes. FB changing the group set up and getting rid of discussion tabs was really not an intelligent thing for them to do. SO! while I can still continue to be my amazing helpful self on FB I am going to be even more amazing here where I can write whatever I like because it is my blog....... And really more than likely not alot will even read it anyways...

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