19 December 2011

There is nothing rational about going to the shops on a Saturday...

and even less rational doing it the week before Christmas! OMG! I hate shopping centres!

Today I make a vow to start organising Christmas next year......WAAAAAAAAYYYY! before the actual event!

To the guy in the carpark yelling at his 2year old daughter to "hurry up and put it on your fucking foot!" the yelling and the swearing really is not going to help her co-ordination get any better in that second and miraculously make her to be able to do something that she is clearly having trouble with.

To the couple telling their 4 or 5 year old son to pick a toy then tell him he can't have the one he actually wants...why are you so surprised he is having a tanty right now?!

To all the parents with babies, toddlers, infants....PUT SOME FREAKIN CLOTHES ON THEM!! sure it is summer outside and it is hot. BUT it is NOT hot INSIDE the shops! that tiny little baby does not have the kilos of fat on them that keeps them comfy in air conditioned shopping centres...when their little feet are blue/purple like that, it's a good sign they are probably cold! even just put a sheet over them. Seriously! commonsense.... probably a good idea to start using it being that you are now responsible for the well being of a little person! 
Also the parents that tie blankets to their prams totally covering every opening...you do realise you are depriving your child of fresh air! you may aswell have left them in the car in the carpark.

To the target check out boy, I don't care if $17 is a bargain for 5 pairs of mens bonds briefs. The size smaller had a sticker that said they were $10.98 and if as you say they were probably for a different colour range (because seriously it makes a difference what colour they are for the cost?) I want my $34 refunded I am not paying that much money for jocks!

To the young girl in the Chemist, when I tell you I need some sort of eye drops, cheap contact solution, or even just some saline water that is what I want....NOT 'liquidgel' drops that are going to cause my contact that had just fallen out while in target, to shrivel up leaving me with only one contact in barely being able to see to then have to drive myself home 20 mins away! Thus bringing my shopping day to an abrupt end making me have to do it all over again another day!

ugh I hate shopping centres on weekends and I hate them even more at Christmas!

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Betty Sue said...

There is a shopping centre here that is opening for a full 40hrs. You post has convinced me that 2am would be the pefect time to attepmt the last of my christmas shopping!