13 December 2011

Save me from the boxes!

Ugh! I have always said I LOVE moving...I have realised over the last 10 years that I get really bored if I am in one house for to long. Our last house was 3 years, the longest, but I think I was more excited about getting out of that town rather than being overly bored of the house. So anyways while I love the moving part, the unpacking SUCKS HARD!

It has been a few weeks since we moved in....and my house still looks like an obstacle course and it is draining. Trying to find new places for things even though most things go in the same rooms they were in before not all rooms are the same size as other houses.

Meh, once I get it finished all will be good...it's just this initial part. The house is awesome! the area is awesome! really I can't fault it. I think I put to much expectation into getting here and finally being able to relax doing nothing for a while. But have been pretty much flat out most days since we got here.

There are lessons to be learned in moving to! must post about that....another day....today I am being boring due to the exhaustion of trying to make my house not look like an obstacle course.

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