19 December 2011

There is nothing rational about going to the shops on a Saturday...

and even less rational doing it the week before Christmas! OMG! I hate shopping centres!

Today I make a vow to start organising Christmas next year......WAAAAAAAAYYYY! before the actual event!

To the guy in the carpark yelling at his 2year old daughter to "hurry up and put it on your fucking foot!" the yelling and the swearing really is not going to help her co-ordination get any better in that second and miraculously make her to be able to do something that she is clearly having trouble with.

To the couple telling their 4 or 5 year old son to pick a toy then tell him he can't have the one he actually wants...why are you so surprised he is having a tanty right now?!

To all the parents with babies, toddlers, infants....PUT SOME FREAKIN CLOTHES ON THEM!! sure it is summer outside and it is hot. BUT it is NOT hot INSIDE the shops! that tiny little baby does not have the kilos of fat on them that keeps them comfy in air conditioned shopping centres...when their little feet are blue/purple like that, it's a good sign they are probably cold! even just put a sheet over them. Seriously! commonsense.... probably a good idea to start using it being that you are now responsible for the well being of a little person! 
Also the parents that tie blankets to their prams totally covering every opening...you do realise you are depriving your child of fresh air! you may aswell have left them in the car in the carpark.

To the target check out boy, I don't care if $17 is a bargain for 5 pairs of mens bonds briefs. The size smaller had a sticker that said they were $10.98 and if as you say they were probably for a different colour range (because seriously it makes a difference what colour they are for the cost?) I want my $34 refunded I am not paying that much money for jocks!

To the young girl in the Chemist, when I tell you I need some sort of eye drops, cheap contact solution, or even just some saline water that is what I want....NOT 'liquidgel' drops that are going to cause my contact that had just fallen out while in target, to shrivel up leaving me with only one contact in barely being able to see to then have to drive myself home 20 mins away! Thus bringing my shopping day to an abrupt end making me have to do it all over again another day!

ugh I hate shopping centres on weekends and I hate them even more at Christmas!

15 December 2011

There are always going to be crazies out there...

It turns out that thinking of things to write about off the top of my head is not as easy as I thought!

I am rather vocal when it comes to things that I come across that I have an opinion on. That seems to happen alot though. Luckily.

Not sure if it is because of me or them. Me possibly being opinionated. Or them just being stupid and having no commonsense. Either way it is a positive. Without either of those, this would not exist. And that simply would suck.

So today's post is brought to you by those that are too trusting.

It's not a good trait to have in this lifestyle. Especially online. Just because it is written there in black and white in front of you on the screen does not mean that it is true. People can portray themselves as whoever they want to be online for all sorts of different reasons.

So when I read something from someone who I have never heard of before I am going to be skeptical about what or even if I comment on whatever it is that is written.

I find it slightly amusing, ok more than slightly more like hilariously amusing, reading some of the things that I do. From those that have only being living this lifestyle since breakfast* to people that have supposedly been living it for decades.

I get it from the Breakfast Crew, they are new, they don't know any better. But you would think that once they are told, then that would be the end of it and they would tap into that little thing called commonsense that seems to elude so many of them. But alas, they continue on in their Breakfast Crew world sucking in more and more naive little coco pops and turning them into the fruit and nut variety. But from the lifers, really?! I have nothing. I have no words to explain my dumbfoundedness about this. Luckily from what I have seen they are very limited in the outspoken online world. Thankfully. Then there are all the ones in between. For the most part all are pretty amazing. BUT! there are still alot of crazies out there.

Just don't believe everything you read peeps! Just because someones says that is who they are, it is not necessarily true. Think about what details you really want to give the person on the other end of the internet cable that you have never met in your life.

*By 'living this lifestyle since breakfast' I am referring to those that have actually made it to a posting. The partner has passed Kapooka, passed IETs and is IN an ACTUAL Unit. Being in Kapooka does not make them a soldier! They are recruits. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Not just a job...

I have been seeing alot of stuff on FB lately about the Defence Force just being a job and I think really?! you really see it as just a job?  I wonder why these people's husbands even joined the ADF in the first place. But then I wonder if it is just those wives and girlfriends that see it as just a job, not the husbands. To me a job is something you get paid to go to each day, do what you have to do and come home. That job never having any real impact on your home life.
To me, our little family, the Defence Force is a lifestyle. It is something that I would never voluntarily give up. Luckily the couple of times my husband has mentioned discharge I have distracted him and talked him out of it, not that he really needed talking out of, but on a couple of occasions silly thoughts have crept into his head and he needed a gentle reminder that those thoughts are bad.  Seriously though I am sure he bleeds green and he'll be there till the day they kick him out. And I am more than happy about that.

The Defence Life is an amazing experience. I have made some of the best friends ever thanks to the Army and the places they have posted us. People that I never would have met otherwise. I know it's each to their own blah blah blah some people just don't like it, but seriously it dumbfounds me why.

How could you not love being able to move pretty much anywhere in the country? and sometimes not even just this country! you can even get postings overseas! How can you not love being able to make new friends, give your child such amazing experiences. Giving yourself such amazing experiences.

Life is never boring. Sure sometimes it totally sucks! I have had my fair share of Anti-Army days. But for the most part it is awesome. I have always said that if it wasn't for the Army sending my husband away when it does we probably wouldn't be together anymore lol. Don't get me wrong I love the shithead to death, but I also love me time and the Army provides plenty of it.
I have only ever had one meltdown in 10years about him possibly going overseas and I was 7months pregnant at the time so I think I get a pass on that one! also it wasn't a 'oh there is a possible deployment in x amount of time' type thing. It was a 'I have to go to work and I don't know when I will be home and can't even tell you where I might be going' type thing. Which usually means it will be minimum 30days maximum 'however long it takes to get the job done.'
Luckily that time it never ended up happening. But it has happened. Twice. The first time he went to work like any normal day about to start leave......but he didn't come home for 6 weeks. The second time a phone call late and night and within 15 hours he was in another country indefinitely. But that's the life we chose. Well he chose first. He was already in the Army when we met so really by me choosing him I chose it to. And I wouldn't change it for anything.
They aren't the only o/s deployments we have been through, just the only 2 at this stage that have happened so suddenly. There have been 4 others that have been planned. The boys from the big deployment are like family and I am extremely grateful to them for bringing my husband home safe, (though they will tell you it was the other way around) I lived in a bit of a denial bubble during that deployment even though we had been through it before. But that is a story for another day.

We have just spent the last year living apart because I chose to do something for me while we were at our last posting. The original reasons that this plan was based on changed, as all things Army related do, but we still stuck with it as life defined totally by Army decisions would have me medicated and on my way to the padded white room. Nothing is ever certain in the Army until it is actually happening, and even then it can still change at the very last second. So sometimes you just need to get on with it and stick you your original plans. It was a long, long year, that had alot happen in it but at the same time it went so fast and I still sit here now having to remind myself that I really am here and it is atleast for the next 2 years.

Time apart i think is healthy. We have experienced alot in this life and am certain there is much, much more to come in the way of really good things and probably some crap to.  I am looking forward to what ever that is. No matter what it is. Because really, how boring would life be if there weren't a few random surprising dramas to happen once in a while ;)  I wont be in a hurry to do the MWD(u) thing again though, while for me it was pretty uneventful and even somewhat normal,  it was hard sometimes, but I was still living kind of the same life I had for the 2 years previously. But the husband was in a new posting, but while I was still doing what i had been all along in the previous location and had the kids and other things to keep me occupied, not to mention family closeby, once work was finished for him he had his room....and that was all....Luckily it turned out to be  pretty busy year for him and what time he did get off he came home to visit, which mind you was only 4 times in the entire year and a maximum stay was 2 weeks. But it was a harder time for him, i think, than it was for me and was hard sometimes on the kids to, mostly they were fine. Kids are pretty resilient little creatures. So yeah I wouldn't be in a hurry to do it again, but if it had to be a choice again for whatever reason I wouldn't meltdown over it.

I think the point is that you don't have to live in each others pockets and be together 24/7 (not that you really will be in Defence Life anyways) to be happy. And time away from each other is healthy and keeps things real. Don't resent and hate the Defence Force for making you spend so much time alone, be thankful that they give you time to yourself, be happy that your husband/boyfriend is happy, enjoying his job (that is not really just a job) doing what he wants to do. (this does not mean you need to sacrifice what you want to do so he can do what he wants either!) Love the amazing extended family you now have in the Defence Force. Your Defence Force friends will become like your family, they are the only ones that really understand what this life is like. And they will be the only ones that will tell you to put a teaspoon of cement in that glass of water and harden the f*&k up because while shit may be shit, we all go through similar things so here's a tissue, have your sook then get up and get on with it.

The most important advice that I think I have ever given is not to live your life the Army clock. While yes I do believe that this life is a lifestyle not just a job, it is not a defining lifestyle. Things are always changing in Defence and if you keep changing shit to keep up etc you will never have any sort of real life and you too will be medicated and on your way to the padded white room. Same goes for worrying about stuff that hasn't happened or might happen sometime in the future. It is totally pointless, you will wake up one day in 10 years time wondering where your life went because you were too worried about stuff that might happen, stuff that is likely to not even end up happening, and missing what is actually happening.

Live for today or atleast this week...worry about next week, next week. Enjoy what is happening NOW!

disclaimer -  I do not take full responsibility for the no sense that this most may or may not possibly make due to the fact that I had help from my friend Jim while writing. :S

14 December 2011

Lessons Learned - Moving House

So, moving house, or in our world 'posting'. Such a fun fun time! hahaha yep I couldn't even keep a straight face typing that! anyways being that we just moved in 2 weeks ago I guess some of this is still nice and fresh and has brought back memories of other times....

Not totally sure where to start...so we'll try the beginning and see how that works out.

While I have lived in 9 houses in the last 10 years only 3 of the moves were organised by TOLL. I am not getting into a discussion on their competence or that of the removalists or of DHA for that matter, as this post will never end. It would be like the song that never ends, but be the post that never ends..... You're so totally singing that song now aren't you?!

OK so the rules are you pack your clothes and personal items only, as everything else must be packed and unpacked by the removalists in order for damages to be claimed. Yes you will have damages, it is inevitable. BUT I have found that you don't need to claim for damages if you pack stuff yourself as usually they don't end up being the stuff that gets damaged, funny that. I always pack my books due to damage to one, ie. a book cover pretty much being torn off during our first move. Totally not cool.

I'm not going to go into the 'what happens during a move' as that is all in the relocation pack. Seriously READ IT. COVER TO COVER. EVERYTHING is in there. You have NO excuse for complaining that you were never told that they are supposed to take the beds apart and put them back together, or that you have to dismantle flat pack furniture yourself. All of this is in the pages of the relocation booklet. Biggest pet hate is reading complaints from people saying "oh it would be nice if they told us that!" They do tell you. In black and white.

So what I am going to post is my own personal lessons learned during our movements. (take note of the bold italic words this is purely based on my moves) Things could very well be different for different people.

So Lesson One. - Removalists are not your friends.

As awesome as you think your removalists are on the day. They are not. They may seem fast, efficient, friendly even. Having a chat, even a joke - like handing me my broom asking if I need it now that the Autotrans took my car on the truck.
But when you get to the other end and you are looking for the Austar box and can't find it in any of the boxes marked loungeroom you start searching all the other boxes and find it in the last box you look in marked linen, it's not cool. Or when you find on delivery they are moving so fast bringing the chest of drawers in and carrying it a certain way then strategically place PBO boxes around it so as to hide the giant bit of wood chipped off the bottom that you don't notice till after they have gone and you are unpacking said PBO boxes. Not to mention finding a computer tower in a box that was almost completely busted up and it not being written anywhere on the box what was actually in it and the paperwork stated 'misc.'
They are not your friends and they do not care about your belongings....watch them like a hawk as much as you can....and tell them NO if you see them doing something they shouldn't or you don't want them to do, don't let them intimidate you!

Which brings me to Lesson Two. - Do not let the removalists intimidate you.

No matter how much they try to be 'efficent' and get your stuff into your new house in a hurry. Don't let them rush you. If they call out a number and you don't hear them, tell them to stop and repeat it. And make sure you examine said box or piece of furniture before it goes in the house. Yes it sounds like commonsense to do this but I promise you things move so quickly on the delivery day all previous plans of how things will go totally fly out the window. You have TOLL and the DRHM turn up to see 'how things are going' trying to talk to you at the same time that you are trying to listen to the removalists call out numbers for you to check off some where on the 10 pages of paperwork. It is a freaking nightmare! oh and make sure you sort out which room is which and get them to say what room it say on the box ie. bed 2 or bed 3. etc not just what is in it ie. toys. pretty much all the kids stuff ended up in one bedroom because they just kept saying 'toys' and my eldest 2 boys really don't have any toys so I assumed it was all from the youngests room yet what did end up in the eldests rooms were wrong. I had to move about 10 boxes from one room to the other.

Lesson Three. - You choose what day date you want your car.

Last time we moved thousands of kms we made a holiday of it driving over the 2 weeks and only arrived into town 2 days before we were having our furniture and my car delivered, so was not an issue then. This time though my husband was already in the new location. (another story for the day I decide to share a little about myself :P) So I did all the move myself with the kids and we flew up as there was no way I was driving thousands of kms with kids alone. So my car gets picked up by the Auto removals guy and he tells me that even if the car arrives into location a week earlier it will sit in their lot for a week until the delivery date on the paperwork! This was unacceptable to me as I desperately needed my car as while in temporary accommodation for 12 days the husband still had to work and the kids had to go to school. Our accommodation was in town. In order to be able to have the husbands car for the day I had to drive him to work at the ungodly hour of before 7am. Base was 15 minutes away, then come back to motel get the kids ready for school and take them them to said school which was 25mins away. And then in the afternoons pick them all up again. Doesn't sound so bad i hear you say, what are you complaining about....Well my car is an awesome little car my husbands car is a tank! Well it might as well be....I HATE driving it! Anyways! back to the the car delivery, I kept ringing to see where my car was after 4 days it was still only half way, then 2 days later it was in location BUT delivery was not due for another week so they wouldn't let me get it without TOLL telling them I could. uh ex.cu.se. ME! pfft! not a happy camper as that said day I had a job to do which meant multiple times getting in and out of the car in a short period of time not to mention trying to park the damn tank in the streets. LUCKILY! I had an amazing TOLL case manager that after the initial phone call telling her my drama etc she had my car released and able to be picked up within 3 hours! I have always loved my car. But that week of driving a tank, well it gave me a whole new appreciation for my little car and I don't even care that I will soon have teenagers and that the little car maybe too small for them all to fit in comfortably eventually.... I don't even care! I am keeping this car FOR.E.V.E.R! 
SO! morale of the story, if you are like me and can't live without your car, you write on the paperwork what date you would like your car delivered as TOLL will just put the same date as your furniture and effects delivery. 

OK I think that is enough for one post! only 3 lessons......for now....don't want to overload you all...or scare all the posting virgins. They may not seem like much but they are just the things that I have realised from this posting which also refreshed some from the ones 3 years ago to and will have me make changes to the way things are done at the next one.

If you have questions about removals stuff just ask in the comments section....and I'll try and help where I can!

13 December 2011

Save me from the boxes!

Ugh! I have always said I LOVE moving...I have realised over the last 10 years that I get really bored if I am in one house for to long. Our last house was 3 years, the longest, but I think I was more excited about getting out of that town rather than being overly bored of the house. So anyways while I love the moving part, the unpacking SUCKS HARD!

It has been a few weeks since we moved in....and my house still looks like an obstacle course and it is draining. Trying to find new places for things even though most things go in the same rooms they were in before not all rooms are the same size as other houses.

Meh, once I get it finished all will be good...it's just this initial part. The house is awesome! the area is awesome! really I can't fault it. I think I put to much expectation into getting here and finally being able to relax doing nothing for a while. But have been pretty much flat out most days since we got here.

There are lessons to be learned in moving to! must post about that....another day....today I am being boring due to the exhaustion of trying to make my house not look like an obstacle course.

Why? Because I can...

Thinking about the last 10 years, where it has gone, what I have done/achieved I realised it has gone way to fast and I have definitely done alot. I used to write all the time, a loooong time ago, just a journal I guess you could call it,  but i was an angry teenager lol well that is the only impression you would get if you ever read the books. It seems like I only ever wrote about the usual teenage angst, an unfair mother, which boy I liked this week, my sister getting away with anything and everything. Then as the years went on it was about everyday life stuff, what  I was doing etc but the entries got few and far between as I got older.

 Even though I have thought about it over the last 10 years I just never started again properly, I did about 6 years ago but again after something pretty crappy happened but just like before things got good and I stopped again and it is kinda sad really as the last 10 years have probably been the most significant eventful part of my life. I wish I had of kept going there has been way more exciting important things happening in my life that should have been documented that way.

So why now? well simply because I can and a few months ago I decided that it would be an awesome idea to start a blog!! It clearly didn't happen a few months ago as I decided that I would wait until life settled down a little bit as we all know how hectic this time of year and leading up to it can be for Defence Families. It's not easy to 'just start a blog' you know! even as I type this I have been sitting at the computer for a good couple of hours trying to make just the design of it at a stage that I am happy with, (for now) and not to mention the name of the blog, let alone start posting, but really I actually started writing posts last week in the notes section on my phone. I would have started weeks ago if I had of come up with the right name lol anyways clearly it just wasn't meant to happen till right.......NOW!

Whether anyone else reads it is really not important. It is just an outlet, somewhere for me to put my random rants, experiences, and maybe even advice should anyone actually end up reading it. I have been known to help quite a few people with certain things, especially the last 3 years pretty much just on Facebook but things tend to get lost in the masses of futile, brain numbing, TMO posts that get posted sometimes. FB changing the group set up and getting rid of discussion tabs was really not an intelligent thing for them to do. SO! while I can still continue to be my amazing helpful self on FB I am going to be even more amazing here where I can write whatever I like because it is my blog....... And really more than likely not alot will even read it anyways...